How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

How NY State et al engaged in a campaign of character assassination, quackery, murder, mayhem, brainwashing, prostitution, theft, libel, slander, and more.

The ongoing saga of how NY State and others engaged in a campaign of character assassination, medical fraud and quackery, attempted murder, mayhem, brainwashing, chemical lobotomizing, State sponsored prostitution, theft, libel, slander, and more to conceal a 1981 knife attack that left me crippled for life.

Learn how my spouse would also be used by the State towards those ends and how she was compensated for her efforts to murder me.

This is the 3rd phase of my personal website that chronicles what is looking to be over 100 violent, sexual, and other felonies done to my person, property and finances in the USA, some of which would be considered acts of treason, homicide, terror, hate, and mayhem including atrocities and torture to my person.

It is now October 10, 2016 as I type this and despite the want of others who have maligned, criticized, or otherwise rebuked me to stop this, I've seen not one prosecution in my witness of those doing this, I've discovered and made note of two additional children my father has murdered circa 1965, I recall additional efforts made at homicide of me by my father and others including friends, and so on. Stopping this even 5 years ago as others have implored of me, since I've been doing nothing but making this witness since 2003, would be derelict to say the least.

Telling me that I'd be sitting here such that it takes over 13 years to prosecute ANY of this, would have me tell you that you are insane, but here we are thanks to the USA and the Police in America and their bogus justice system.... with nothing being resolved.

For a problem that has essentially been over likely for 5 decades, it came down to statements made to me earlier in life and then later in 2008 finally when I was back living in Lewiston NY for a while.

Paul Gregorie of NY State's Workers' (disputation on the possessive) Compensation Board in Buffalo NY admitted to me when I started adding to existing complaints made to him and others in NY and elsewhere. He asked me to stop sending him material, and he said that this is their fault, they have been avoiding my case for a long time, and that I need to leave. In the process he suppressed my witness again, which homicide was planned to do all along, and he said I have to leave.

If so then YOU are paying for it. Others have told me including my father in 1976, that I am Stateless.

Since that time in 2008 many other crimes have become known to me including many child harms and additional murders my parents did to me and others. Within even the last 6 months much more was known to me.

This is going on 9 years later and still more is making itself apparent each day to me.

I interviewed in late 2005 at SONY R&D on Balboa in San Diego CA. Initial phone dialog was made between Tara DiVincenzo and I and we discussed some of the problems before I went there. Later the manager confirmed to me they can not hire me, that I am Stateless, and that they have another problem. Their content as I was told earlier on contains aspects of my vanity and the crimes done to me, in his words he said "We have a problem and I need to act on this now.". While leaving an oriental male attempted to trip me while I descended the stairs to go to my rental car.

I receive my SSN card in 1976 and my father tells me I can toss it out, I can not work in the USA. Roger Myers who graduated with me from Wilson High School talks to me about music and Hollywood vanity circa 1987. My father and friends see it also before and after that time.

I am asked or told to leave Clarkson College by Freshmen Chemistry professor Dr Egon Matijevic fall of 1979. This repeats after the summer 1981 vivisection homicide when I matriculate @ SUNY Buffalo. Mr Bland becomes HOSTILE and says I can not be here, I tell him then this proves theft. Both colleges and NY State are to blame.

Then the problem remains that even for SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR, the predictive statements speak to their guilt moving forward. As I was hired in fall of 1991 Dr Victor Demjanenko recall spoke in the hallway before we met with Dr Jon Hull and others, with Victor saying how they can not do this to me and they can or are apt to lose their credentials. Paul Palumbo and Larry Schnitzer witnessed this as we waited in the first floor conference room of Bell Hall on UB's Amherst NY campus. This was over before I matriculated there in 1981. Agenda...

Both Larry and Paul said this is about you, it is not good, and as I asked why, they said you will see...

They are right. My degree from them and Clarkson is of no use, a fraud etc. And my "Wife" Heike is part of that fraud. Hence all the pressure on going back for a Master's (Won't work) Degree etc and her vehement reaction when I refused to attend commencement ceremonies after taking 13 years not to receive a 4 year degree I'd be done with in 1983. All that money and student loans is a theft, which largely bankrupt me my entire life.

Also odd for Paul Gregorie in NY and US DOJ in San Jose CA, who told me they had enough in 2008 and admit guilt as they did. They told me to no longer send them new information! You can not close the doors to law enforcement in the USA as you want to do this way.

Looks now a way to suppress the rest of the witness and with that most of the child harms that took me longer for some reason. A BAD idea! It is what it is and took as long as it took for me to find, YOU should have brought it to me or charged it then. Not now. I later found past 2015 (NOT 2008) the drowning in Canada and the murder of at least 4 other children including NY State Trooper Joe Steblein's son Joe Jr. I am still finding child harms done to me as late as of this past month including an execution style hanging with ligature wounds visible today around my neck and upper chest area when my father hung me in our basement at 233 Washington Street Wilson NY 14172 USA as a child circa 1964. Doctors including Dr Argue etc knew of all of this. I can see those scars today and so can you. They don't belong there and prove more child harm. Stop in 2008? Not so fast. What have you done so far to prosecute this in my witness ???

NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are done.

We are not toys for you to play with and toss out when you are done masturbating with your egos and knives.

Terry Jones - December 16, 2017 02:15PM

There is nothing more to say and nothing you said so far other than nothing has done anyone any good. Your silence will not save you nor vindicate you or others' for these atrocities.


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